Thursday, September 28, 2006

Notable News

In yesterday's New York Times there was an article entitled, "Medicare Refund Mixup Part of a Larger Tangle" It quotes President Bush as saying that the mistakenly sent Medicare refunds was part of a large scale "computer glitch" is quite amusing to me. I am currently deployed on a client engagement for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. I really wish I could go on about the relationship, between Medicare and the Contractors that administer the drug plans, but independence issue prohibit me from doing so. However, it is pretty neat being in able to see, from the inside, what is being discussed in the National headlines.
In an article entitled, "Here's Your Syllabus, and Your Condom" Stephanie Rosenbloom describes the growing target market of college students as a primary focus by Trojan, Durex and the like. Not that this news is overly surprising, but when I think of back to school, I thought of notebooks, textbooks, dorm living and drunken debauchery - never condoms. Then again, I suppose a night of drunken debauchery dovetails nicely with pack of Trojans!
This isn't notable news, but is interesting nonetheless:
An Atheist Manifesto is a very interesting exposition into Atheism. While I have heard most of these arguments before they are arranged in a very interesting way. I don't agree with the author's thesis but I do respect the argument he is trying to make. The true existence of God is always an important conversation to have, especially when extreme and fundamentalist religious groups dominate todays headlines. I ask that you give is a read, one time, with an open mind.

Below is the Editor's Note:
At a time when fundamentalist religion has an unparalleled influence in the highest government levels in the United States, and religion-based terror dominates the world stage, Sam Harris argues that progressive tolerance of faith-based unreason is as great a menace as religion itself.